The butterfly counts not months, but moments and has time enough
– R. Tagore

People, experiences, places that move me, shake me, make me come alive. They connect me, grow me, continually resonate and remind me what is important and lasting. This is the impetus behind this work and what unceasingly inspires my heart, my art, my life.

I found myself surrounded by thousands of gorgeous butterflies fluttering all around me– the newly born, the strong and healthy, the slowly fading. The engulfing of beauty upon entering the butterfly house led me to tears of joy, the result of a moment of amplified frisson. I have long identified with the emerging butterfly, hibernating in its cocoon, then transforming and breaking free to fly on newfound wings.

This series emanated from the cyclical experiences of birth, life, and death, informed by the colors of butterfly wings and the lushness of spring and summer. There is a purity to the connection between the intensity of these moments and the people with whom we share them. It creates in me a communal whole and inspires me to create work that might spur the viewer to their own personal frisson.