Fay Gold Gallery – Four Artists to Watch

Fay Gold GalleryFour Artists to Watch, Fay Gold Gallery Exhibition, Atlanta, GA U.S.

Terri Hallman

Jennifer J L Jones

Anthony Liggins

Ferdinand Rosa



I feel more like a tunnel, a channel, a conduit passing through a variety of thoughts and emotions through the world itself which I transform and which metamorphosis me in turn

– Anselm Kiefer


WHAT: Four Artists to Watch

WHO: Terri Hallman, Jennifer J L Jones, Anthony Liggins, Ferdinand Rosa

WHEN: February 13 – March 28

Opening Reception: Friday, February 13 from 7 to 9 pm

WHERE: Fay Gold Gallery, 764 Miami Circle


Atlanta, GA – The question that curators, collectors, critics and art dealer ponder is: How do you predict which artists of our time will be well-known 100 years from now? Who will be embraced by the museums in the next century?


In selecting Terri Hallman, Jennifer J L Jones, Anthony Liggins, and Ferdinand Rosa we looked for accessibility, humor, and influence on other artists, conceptual breakthrough and spirituality. Their art is rich and full of surprises and they have explored a wide variety of media. Hopefully, their new intellectual weight will attribute to the longevity of their work.


Through her intuitive painting process, Atlanta artist Jennifer Jones wants people to understand her work within their own way own thinking, their own history. In a way, each viewer “finished” her painting with their own vision. She wants them to see something within them that she has never thought of herself.

Jones has reduced natural forms to iconic, silhouetted shapes in compositions that make landscapes the occasion for an extremely refined treatment of materials and painting surface. She investigates relations of dimension, proportion and shape. Her use of high gloss varnish as well as her meticulous stylization of branches and leaves slacken the tension between image and abstraction. Her compositions appear to be strongly influenced by Japanese prints. Her reason to paint is to “transform” something that possesses her. An apparition becomes asymmetry. She draws on the mysterious sources of inspiration and inventiveness to define her individuality in this world.