Category / HYPNOTIC s t a r l i n g s

The HYPNOTIC s t a r l i n g s series debuts at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary on May 20th, with the solo exhibition opening reception on Friday, May 27th.

I felt my heart swoon. I was hypnotized.
A murmuration of starlings filled the sky above me, and I wanted to soar with their grace and immerse myself in their spellbinding rhythm.
As hundreds of birds swirl and swoop as one, so my work is ever shifting as I continue on this journey. I continually examine nature, extracting every bit of information she chooses to reveal. I have found more movement in the brush strokes, and I return again and again to the ideas of belonging, evolution, travel, and safe resting places. My brush flits across the canvas, patterns in paint reverberating the symphony of shifting shapes and light surrounding us in the macrocosm. I share this dance and discovery with others, one starling among my comrades. I echo their dance in each painting– the journey and the return.