Luminous Grace

Luminous Grace is about capturing the essence of a moment – interpreting the hidden messages we receive from nature. Infinite and ever-changing, a moment in time or combination of colors that holds an enchanting and powerful emotional effect.
This new series of paintings by Jennifer J L Jones focuses on her inspirations stemming from time spent during the beginning of a pastoral fall in Provence, a long quiet winter in Georgia, and a vibrant spring in Maui. A gesture transforms into a trail of graceful birds in flight … A pattern found in a reflection shifts into a deeply layered pool of blue … the sudden appearance of a red cardinal against a muted grey winter sky emits an inner light that arouses hope… its mate extends her wings and exposes the brilliant colors she hides delicately beneath her other feathers. A bare tree limb suggests the direction of motion for the artist’s brush stroke… the Provencal garden palette whispers of a sweet violet lullaby. The coastal azure waters and Hawaiian rainforest transition into gestures and layered color fields; a visual feast.
Luminous Grace encompasses and encourages presence of mind. Enveloped in nature and reaching beyond the veils… nature as our teacher.