Sojourn is Jones’ new series of paintings, all of which originate from the artist’s passion for travel and evolve from the grace found in her collective inspirations. With each new journey, a new invisible thread is sewn – and the paintings themselves become the actual adventures. Jones states, “Over the past few years, I’ve been traveling a great deal… and I’ve found myself starting to notice certain kinds of dramatic weather patterns. For example: when much-needed rain feeds an entire wild garden causing it to burst with new life, something in me clicks, and I find my inner growth mirroring this physical manifestation of growth. This is the open feeling I have when I am traveling, and that is the kind of mindset I employ when I create each new piece. I’m just as excited as all of the potential viewers to see where these paintings lead. This journey is ongoing and open-ended, which brings a great sense of calm and renewed energy.